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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Do Artists Create? For The Love Of The Ocean's Blue...?

I'd imagine most artists ponder that question with very little perplexity.

...Matching the perfect shade of turquoise to the blue of a rare hymilayan poppy;

Finding just the right shade of burnt orange to kiss the canvas when attempting to recreate one of God's magnificent and multitudinous sunsets... There's so much love to be found in the aesthetic of artistry.

Painting a prairie or a mountainous, wildflower meadow, stretching over the horizon...Beauty beyond human comprehension.

And I know one Artist who would sketch, draw, paint, with oil or water... for free, every day of the week if he could. Whether painting an African Queen or the strong yet gentle jawline of his offspring, for hours at a time, Henry Heading is a "For The Love Of It" kind of Artist. Paint, canvases, brush strokes ~ surely sneak busily into stolen scenes of his dreams, where easels dance for him, dizzyingly, until he's back to sleep.

Wherever you find your art, be it in the blue of a lobster or in an ocean's haze; In the sky amongst cottony clouds, puffy, bluesy or gray; or through the lense of a camera, as you zoom in on your prey; In a piano's melody or a rootbeer float, grasped tightly by a ten-year-old boy, his brow dripping of sweat on a scorching summer's day...

Perhaps it's in that specific shade of celery you find etched atop the back of a grasshopper perched upon a magnolia leaf, moping curiously slow, yet meticulously, seemingly oblivious to your presence. The beauty of art is in the eye of its beholder, exempt to another's judgement. And it's yours to love, creator or lover.